May 28, 2013. La Paz, Bolivia.

"Bridging Cultures"

Hi everyone!

I want to take this opportunity to officially launch my Kickstarter campaign, Bridging Cultures. I will spending a month and a half with Bridges to Prosperity in Bolivia documenting the cultural interactions between a couple engineering teams as they work with local communities to build pedestrian footbridges. Please check out my Kickstarter page and share with friends!

If you have any questions about how Kickstarter works please don't hesitate to ask! It does require you to create an account (email/password) and sign up on Amazon Payments with your credit card or bank but it's all in the name of security for you and for the pledges. Kickstarter is very well established and has been used to fundraise much much larger projects than mine so don't worry! Here's the link to my campaign. Please share!


KICKSTARTER: Cultural Competency for Engineers

And if you're receiving this email then you're on my Kickstarter email list. If you know someone else who would like to receive my photo/video/blog updates just let me know and I'll add their email. Thanks! And no worries if you don't want your inbox getting cluttered. Just let me know, no hard feelings promise. :) You can always follow my project by 'Liking' my Facebook page, Chava Digital Media, or 'Friending' me. 


Read about how Kickstarter works HERE.

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