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About Me

Hi, my name is Cedar and I am a freelance photographer, DSLR cinematographer, and digital media specialist. I have a passion for documenting service work and cultural experiences. I believe visual artistry and engaging storytelling can bring us closer together as a people.

A little bit about myself - I bought my first video camera in 2004 to film my friends and I skateboarding, rock climbing, and exploring Washington state's beautiful natural landscapes. I quickly fell in love with the power of visual storytelling and thoroughly enjoyed turning this archive of footage into a video series highlighting my college experience.

After graduating I decided to go out on a limb, and for two years I served as a Science Education Volunteer with the Peace Corps in northern Namibia. This experience changed my life and helped me realize a passion for travel and working with people of diversity. Following my Peace Corps experience I started teaching in Thailand where I began introducing myself to the incredibly fun, addictive, and challenging world of DSLR cinematography. Then, in 2011, when an opportunity arose to join Peace Corps Response as an Audio Video Specialist in the Philippines, I jumped on it.

Back in Colorado I found myself with another unique opportunity - to document engineering development work in Bolivia with Bridges To Prosperity. Over two summers I travelled to the rural highlands of Cochabamba taking photographs, videos, and interviews of engineers and villagers alike.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado, where I enjoy collaborating with artists local and far away. Feel free to contact me if you have a creative idea.


Cedar Spring Wolf