Bridges To Prosperity - Cultural Communication

I am in the post-production phase of my first Kickstarter campaign.
Last summer I followed Bridges to Prosperity to Bolivia on a mission to document the interactions between B2P engineers and the communities they worked with. Learn more about the project here:

KICKSTARTER: Cultural Competency for Engineers

I would like to thank the people who participated in this project:


I would like to thank my backers:

Alea Richmond, Alex Pompe, Ali Mason, Andres Uzquiano, Andrew Nicholas Mason, Barbara Wolf, Benjamin Cobb, Benjamin Weaver, Bill Sprouse, Brenda Buckner, Bridges to Prosperity, Brooke Kornmeyer, Cecilia Villarruel, Chad Galloway, Charmee Padilla, Che Canyon, Christine Wilson & Gregory Mohr, Christopher Janes, Christopher Kramer, Daryn Hobbs, Debi Hanuscin, Graham Jones, Honeydew Murray, Janelle Crowley, Jessica Campbell Rukke, JiaJia Chang, Joseph T. Gould, Joseph Shaw, Julie Huang, Kaitlin Wiedeman, Kathryn Barnes, Katie Pimlott, Kerri Courtney, Leah Michelle Courtland, Marc Hassan, Marjory Gooding, Mark Kampert, Mark & Erika Nossokoff, Matt Mower, Michael and Liz, Mirian Dodson, Mitch Hulse, Peter Simons, Prasanta Achanta, Robert Wolf, Sarah Buffie, Shelley Padilla, Sierra Smith, Sonya Milonova, Tami Relph, Tiffany Curtain, Tyler Hoegger, Wayne Loving, Wendy Lu McGill

!Muchas GraciasĀ”